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myGate - One app, many capabilities

A simple tool that helps secure your gated communities at the click of a button. From residents to security personnel, our app has many thoughtful additions and features for a hassle-free security experience.


Stay connected to your home, no matter where you are.


The e-intercom feature replaces traditional intercoms and helps you keep up with your visitors no matter where you are!

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Visitor Management

Help your visitors arrive from the gate to your doorstep, seamlessly.

Daily Staff & Services Management

Stay updated on your daily staff’s attendance.

Child Security

Supervise yours child’s movement in and out of the community.

Delivery and Cab Management

Manage your cabs and delivery with the touch of a button.

Clubhouse Management

Manage common assets with ease and without paperwork.

Multi Property Management

Manage all your properties from one place.

myGate for everyone

Doesn’t matter if you manage a gated community and/or are a resident, myGate is tailor-made for you. With a host of features at your fingertips – you are going to love the myGate experience.


Residents:Security and convenience going hand in hand with myGate. Whether it is to know what time the cook came in, to let the cab you hired enter the premises or to raise a security alert - myGate is there for you. Management committee: myGate is a comprehensive and intuitive solution that is replacing the traditional, infrastructure-based ways of managing security (like EPBAX, RFID tags, Boom Barriers etc).


Opt for a technology forward security enhancementmyGate helps you to equip yourself with a technology that helps you deliver greater service to your clients. It can automate the mundane, repetitive tasks performed by guards at the gates; enabling them to vigilantly focus on security. With features like automated attendance management, you can win over the management committees with ease.


Add a layer of security to your buildingWith myGate already being part of thousands of homes, buyers and tenants now expect myGate in every gated community. You can assure them better security with myGate. Do talk to us and let's work together to make your projects safer.

Getting started with myGate

myGate is a simple security solution that can be deployed with ease. With no hardware setup or installation requirement, we can get your community up and running in 5 days or less.

The first step

Once you decide to give us a formal go-ahead, we swiftly get the paperwork done. The contract is duly signed by both the parties to kickstart configuration.


We configure your community in our system with our coolest features turned on for you. Gain full access to all the benefits of myGate with one simple download.

Onboarding & Training
Site Profile Creation

Our team will create digital profiles for the support staff: maids, cooks, drivers, guards, housekeeping, car cleaners etc.


We take the responsibility of training your guards and the facility management team. Not just when getting started but whenever, the need arises in future.

Always there for you

We equip you with user manuals, and information brochures so that you can enjoy the benefits of myGate to the fullest.

Dedicated Account Manager

We dedicate a product expert to your community who works with the guards, facility manager, committee members, and residents.

Dedicated account manager

Our dedicated account manager will ensure that you have constant and continued support on any aspect that you need.


The myGate team works tirelessly to answer any and all queries you have. Low downtime is a matter of pride.

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