Feature in Focus: Leave at Gate

How often do you worry that you’ll miss a delivery when you’re not home? With MyGate, you can now authorise security guards to collect a parcel on your behalf with just one click on your smartphone. What is Leave at Gate? Leave at Gate is a MyGate feature that ensures that your parcel is picked […]

Feature in Focus: Alexa Integration

For the times you’re too occupied to physically punch in instructions to your security gate, there’s the Alexa Integration on MyGate. It allows you to give voice commands to MyGate. Find out how to link the two in this blog post. What is Alexa Integration? Alexa Integration is a MyGate feature that lets you perform […]

Feature In Focus: Pre-Approval

Most residents are well aware that a delivery executive is arriving with their parcel or that a friend will be paying a visit in the near future. Yet, they are required to talk to security personnel to approve the entry. It’s annoying, if not inconvenient, too. MyGate reimagines this process for maximum convenience for you, […]

Feature in Focus: Vehicle Management

The Vehicle Management feature ensures that no unauthorized vehicles can enter the community and help residents with drivers know when their car has entered or is leaving. What is Vehicle Management? Communities usually keep track of vehicles entering and exiting a community with RFID tags or stickers. This is both expensive and ineffective. MyGate’s vehicle […]

Feature in Focus: SmartEye Attendance

SmartEye Attendance helps your community ensure complete accuracy in staff attendance by verifying their check-in and check-out time with facial recognition technology. What is SmartEye Attendance? SmartEye Attendance is a MyGate feature that can be activated on any guard device. It requires the guard to take a picture of staff as they enter and exit […]

Feature in Focus: Clubhouse Entry

Every gated community that wishes to track how its clubhouse is being used, by whom and at what time can now do so with MyGate’s Clubhouse Entry feature. What is Clubhouse Entry? The Clubhouse Entry feature on MyGate enables the society to ensure that only residents and their guests are allowed to use the clubhouse. […]

Feature in Focus: Kid Checkout Permission

The large kids’ play area is one of the most important draws to a gated community. But are you ever nervous that your kids will choose to leave the community without your knowledge? MyGate has a solution that will bring you peace of mind. What is Kid Checkout Permission? A simple feature that ensures your […]

Feature in Focus: Validated Entries

We’ve partnered with your favourite online delivery partners to ensure that you and your community receive background-verified details of the executive. No more fake entries and quicker deliveries for all MyGate users! What is Validated Entries? When a resident places an order with our partner firms, MyGate receives the background verified details of their assigned […]

Feature in Focus: Overstay Alert

Large communities can have over a thousand delivery executives and cab drivers go past the main gate everyday. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could ensure they don’t overstay their welcome? What is Overstay Alert? This feature enables the MyGate admin to set the maximum duration these visitors may spend inside your community before an […]