MyGate Journeys: Rashika Daaga

It was about two years ago when I crossed paths with the leadership at MyGate and was deeply influenced by the problem under discussion, and the solution being built at scale. While the idea was still being nurtured, the vision was clearly embedded in our minds… Simplifying Urban Living! I started out as an individual […]

Model Bye-Laws of Co-operative Housing Societies

How does a Society finance itself? How does it screen potential members? Why does it bill its members maintenance charges? Where and when does the member voice his concerns or opinions? These questions must have popped in your head time and again as a member of a housing society. Look no further than the inconspicuous […]

A Complete Guide on Co-Operative Housing Societies in India

If you’re planning to be a homeowner, a residence in a housing co-operative would have been recommended a good deal. The proliferation of housing co-operatives and related legal framework across India is a mammoth subject of study. To better understand the basic concept and the fabric of housing co-operatives, this article is a good place […]

Ideathon 2019: The Tech-Tale Unfolded

Innovation is the lifeblood of MyGate and what better way to spur collective innovation among our people than an Ideathon. It’s been two days since the event wrapped up and we thought it’s about time we recap the competition and share our experience. Kickstarting the MyGate Ideathon Series This being our first Ideathon, we weren’t […]

Accounts Audit of a Co-operative Housing Society

The Co-operative Housing society is no doubt an autonomous and self-reliant endeavor. However, once every year, it is subject to the scrutiny of an outside agency to have its financial statements audited. For this purpose, it hires the services of financial experts in accordance with government laws. Annual account audit of every co-operative housing society […]

Non-occupancy Charges in Co-operative Housing Societies

It is a common practice for homeowners to invest in a residence and sub-let it to tenants. It is a good way to come into an additional source of income but brings with it the condition of paying your dues to the housing society. On the bright side, the non-occupancy charge is a relatively smaller […]

Types of Co-operative Societies in India

Co-operative societies or Co-ops are a worldwide phenomenon with various definitions and diverse structures. Essentially, they are an association of users or firms or households in pursuit of economic, social or cultural objectives, applying to themselves the rules of joint ownership and democracy, aiming to serve its members and the community as a whole. They […]

How Communities Can Maximise the Convenience of MyGate

MyGate is designed to enhance security and improve community management through technology. When used to its maximum potential, residents experience seamless urban living, and the work of security personnel, facility managers and daily staff is made easier. MyGate cannot, however, do this on its own. It needs contributions from each stakeholder. We have put together […]

Redevelopment of a Housing Society

Redevelopment is the process of demolishing an existing building altogether and constructing a new one. It is a massive undertaking that requires a highly proactive and careful approach on behalf of the housing society. Let’s dive into the specifics of redevelopment and its many components. What is the procedure for the redevelopment of a housing […]