Everything You Need to Know About the Sinking Fund

When you are handed your society maintenance bill every month, you may have noticed an item which usually makes up around one-third of the total charges and is known as Sinking Fund. What does it really mean and why is it charged every month? Think of it as an investment that you are making every […]

GST Applicability to Housing Societies: 5 Important Questions & Answers

The subject of GST confuses most housing societies and their members. Every week, we receive a number of GST-related queries on how GST is applicable to co-operative housing societies. Therefore, in this article, we have curated the five questions we’re most commonly asked. Let’s begin… 1. Is GST applicable to maintenance charges paid by residents? Maintenance […]

Rights of Associate Members in a Cooperative Housing Society

Let’s say if you are not the primary owner of your residence and are a spouse, mother, father, son, daughter living in a housing society along with your family (or even alone). Do you still enjoy rights granted to the other residents? The answer is yes. As long as you hold joint ownership of your […]

10 Ways to Make the Bathroom Safer for The Elderly

The bathroom is a dangerous place. Over 80% of all falls occur there, and the elderly are most likely to be the victims. Particularly due to the presence of sharp objects (faucets, for example) in the bathroom, these falls can also be very dangerous. While there are standards in place for baby-proofing the home, there […]

Role and Responsibilities of a Treasurer in a Housing Society

In a housing society’s affairs, the role of a treasurer cannot be undermined. The Treasurer is the backbone of the entire financial framework of the society and accountable for any monetary mismanagement or fraud. In this article, we define the functions of a treasurer for a clear understanding of his scope of work. Who is […]

The Zero-Hardware Replacement for The Housing Society Intercom

Intercom systems are costly, outdated, and, yet, everywhere. The reason for this is that they’re assumed to be part of the package when buying a home. The reality, as we all know, is that it’s a dreaded device that usually goes unanswered. Why? Because the residents at most housing complexes are aware of the reason […]

Training Days: How We Ensure Over a Million Seamless Check-ins Per Day

MyGate is today at over 6,000 gates, processing a million entries for over 600,000 homes every day. Each of these million entries represents the valuable saving of time or effort in an increasingly chaotic urban India. As you can imagine, this is an effort on a mammoth scale. The MyGate app and our 500+ workforce […]

Types of Membership in Co-operative Societies

A member of a co-operative society is someone who applies for admittance into the society by purchasing shares in it and is eventually granted registration, membership and a residential unit to occupy. Let’s understand the six classes of membership in brief. 1. Original Member An original member is a person under whose name the membership […]

Expulsion of a Member from a Cooperative Housing Society

Co-operative societies function on the concepts of mutual assistance and self-help and work towards common goals with harmonious living. If there are a few bad apples in the communal kitchen, the model bye-laws provide guidelines on how to get rid of them. It is important to note that the removal of a member from a […]