Unregistered Housing Societies

A registered society is a legal entity by itself, subject to the laws, liabilities, and rights under the government of India. Mandatory bye-laws applicable to a registered society ensure smooth functioning of the day to day affairs and in case of disputes, faster and more streamlined resolutions are available to the registered housing societies. Let’s […]

Amalgamation of Housing Societies

Some housing societies who may be struggling with efficiency in management or financial losses may choose to amalgamate with another society, divide into smaller segments or transfer its shares and liabilities to another society. Such decisions are taken strategically to benefit the original society as well as the society it wishes to amalgamate with. But […]

What is RERA? How Builders and Homebuyers Can Benefit From RERA

In 2016, the government enacted The Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act, commonly known as RERA, that came to be implemented in May 2017 all over India. Its purpose is to encourage and develop the real estate sector while also protecting the interests of home buyers, bringing every activity of the buyer and the seller […]

Rights and Duties of Tenants in Housing Societies

The modern urban sprawl has been the reason for the growth of tenant-landlord agreements exponentially. In many instances, the tenants are expected to follow a set of unfair rules and pay unnecessary charges not mandated by the law. In other cases, we have seen misuse and even abuse by the tenant of the landlord and […]

All You Need to Know About Rooftop Rainwater Harvesting

The average Indian home consumes 350 litres of water every day. Plenty of this usage is reckless – and also expensive. In the summer, areas experiencing water shortage may end up spending up to Rs.2500 per month. Much of this can be optimised – with ease. This article will tell you, both, how to decrease […]