7 Most Important Things To Do Just When You Move Into A New Apartment

January 18, 2019

myGate Author

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Moving into a new apartment can be pretty stressful and exciting at the same time. The happiness of moving into your new home is capped with the tension of being sure if the decision of moving into this new house is right or not. If you or someone you know is going through a similar situation, then here are the 7 things you must do the moment you move into a new apartment.

1. Change the locks of the house

The first thing you must do after moving into a new house, is change all the old house locks of the house because the old locks might have multiple duplicate keys which can be dangerous. Hence changing the locks so that no outsider has access to your house is the first and the most important thing to do.

2. Get your house pest controlled

Contacting the nearest pest control to cleanse the house is important so that your family is safe from infections. The pest control guys typically take a day to spray the medicines all over the house.

3. Get together all the necessary contact information

Getting together important contact information like the phone numbers of the management committee, main gate security, nearest hospitals etc is important. These important numbers will help you in moments of emergencies.

4. Remember to submit address changes

Submitting your new address copy to get it changed in all the official documents is a must do, earlier done the better.

5. Install a security management system

The biggest plus of living in a gated community is the security services they offer. However, with the growing number of security issues , 3–4 guards employed with the responsibility of keeping a check on the security of the residents is way too much pressure. Hence every community should have a security management system which enhances the existing security levels.

6. Get familiarized with the people in the society

One of the first few things that people must do after moving into a new society is, get friendly with the neighbors and try and arrange for house helps. With most people in the family working nowadays, house helps are of utmost importance in order to maintain the house.

7. Install a security alarm

One of the most important security feature of a gated community is the installation of a security alarm, so that the security guards can react instantly in case of an emergency.

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