How To Register a Complaint Against Housing Society

Living in a housing society is akin to being in a committed relationship, except it gets murkier when things go awry as they sometimes do. We’ve all been in catch 22 situations where if a problem persists, we are damned if we try to solve it and damned if we don’t. After all, it is […]

Amendment of Housing Society Bye-laws

Byelaws are a set of instructions and rules for a society to function. They come into effect once the housing co-operative is formed and are universally applicable to everyone. They are formed on the basis of the state’s co-operative societies act. However, based on the structure, requirements and membership, there are various permutations and combinations […]

Roles and Responsibilities of Residents in a Housing Society

We’ve all come across that obnoxious neighbor who bangs his door shut loudly to jumpscare people three floors down, dumps banana peels straight from his balcony on to the ground, plays loud music when the world is slumbering peacefully, lets his unleashed pet out in the open to bark and claw at unsuspecting passers-by, and, […]

Transfer of Membership in Housing Society

If you’re wondering what your options are to transfer your property to a family member or anyone else you see fit to inherit your residence? Fret not, there is a simple and clear procedure provided by your society’s model bye-laws that cover every probability and circumstances that may occur in your life. What are the […]

Procedure to Change the Name of a Housing Society

In a rare but completely plausible scenario, your society and its members may feel that its current name does not really represent the essence of the residents’ collective spirit and may want to change it to something more in tandem with its motto and beliefs. Some societies also intend to change the name due to […]

Deemed Conveyance of a Co-operative Housing Society

The legal ownership of your society as a whole is not automatically acquired once the homeowners buy individual residences or once you form a co-operative housing society. A conveyance deed is a mandatory legal document that literally seals the deal. A big percentage of societies across the country exist without a Conveyance Deed which presents […]

De-registration of Co-operative Housing Societies

Every year state governments strip off a select unfortunate societies of their legal status as co-operative housing societies, leaving them powerless to transfer shares, unprotected from legal protection over disputes and deprived from using the word ‘society’ in any manner. Many members who are residents of deregistered societies have found themselves entangled in consequential backlash […]

Refusal of Membership in Cooperative Housing Societies

Say you have found your dream home in a housing society, followed the application procedure with due diligence and have already started picking out furniture for your new home. Much to your chagrin, the society denies you a membership. Do they have the right to do that? Let’s understand the scenarios under which you can […]