Feature in Focus: Kid Checkout Permission

The large kids’ play area is one of the most important draws to a gated community. But are you ever nervous that your kids will choose to leave the community without your knowledge? MyGate has a solution that will bring you peace of mind. What is Kid Checkout Permission? A simple feature that ensures your […]

Feature in Focus: Validated Entries

We’ve partnered with your favourite online delivery partners to ensure that you and your community receive background-verified details of the executive. No more fake entries and quicker deliveries for all MyGate users! What is Validated Entries? When a resident places an order with our partner firms, MyGate receives the background verified details of their assigned […]

Feature in Focus: Overstay Alert

Large communities can have over a thousand delivery executives and cab drivers go past the main gate everyday. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could ensure they don’t overstay their welcome? What is Overstay Alert? This feature enables the MyGate admin to set the maximum duration these visitors may spend inside your community before an […]

Is Your Gated Community As Safe As You Perceive It To Be?

The growing economic status of the citizens has resulted in a rapid increase in the real estate department leading to people crowding the gated communities. A recent survey carried out in most metros reveals that 1 in every 4 people reside in a gated community and this number only seems to be on a rise. […]

Is Your Gated Community Investing In The Right Form Of Security?

The security offered by gated communities is a major reason why most people prefer to move into these communities. However, if we look at the current situation of the security offered by these gated complexes, the scene is pretty much like this: The main gate of a community is out rightly the most chaotic and […]