Structural Audit of a Housing Society

Your residential building is typically constructed to last for about 80 to 90 years. It is not too different from a living and breathing organism that is programmed to live a full and healthy life, if all goes well. However, with the passage of time, the structural sanctity of a building may be compromised due […]

All You Need To Know About Society Maintenance Charges

Once you are the rightful owner of a residence in a housing society, you are part of a larger, more inclusive, white picket fence community. Home ownership is not only a matter of pride and joy, but a lifelong commitment that comes with a regular cost in form of maintenance charges. This, however, should not […]

Special General Body Meetings in a Housing Society

A housing society functions under a framework of meetings, goals, tasks and agendas, much like a corporate office. Societies hold general body meetings (including special and annual general body meetings) for various reasons, in order to plan the administrative affairs of the society, to keep the members apprised of the society’s financial balance sheets, to […]

Rights of Members in a Co-operative Housing Society

In life, we are constantly reminded of our ‘responsibilities’ and can be so busy fulfilling them that we pay little or no heed to our ‘rights’. A situation completely avoidable, we say; especially when it comes to being a member of a co-operative society. Unlike in independent apartment ownership, you are entitled to a whole […]

How to form a Co-operative Housing Society in Delhi-NCR

Delhi-NCR is the fastest developing urban hub of North India. While the premium and mid-range housing projects are predicted to pick up by 2020, the focus has been strengthened on affordable housing, a segment that is slated to be the future of real estate in the Indian economy. The government’s agenda for ‘housing for all’ […]

Essential Documents For Completing Builder To Society Handover

The handover from builder to co-operative is a critical process that requires due diligence from both sides. It can take anywhere from three to five months for the handover legalities to come to fruition, involving financial, operational and technical aspects. We bring you a complete guide that helps you understand the entire endeavor from start […]

Roles and Responsibilities of a Society Management Committee

The Managing Committee of a housing co-operative is its nerve centre, steering the society towards a wholesome, efficient and harmonious existence. Whether it is financial management, member grievances or day-to-day affairs, the MC has to run like a well-oiled machine to create the best living conditions for the residents. We have put together a comprehensive […]

Housing Society Annual General Body Meeting in Mumbai

It is mandatory for every housing co-operative to hold an Annual General Body Meeting according to Model Bye-Laws set in place by the government of Maharashtra. Such meetings take stock of the yearly activities of co-operative housing societies in Mumbai, keeping the members apprised of the critical developments and overall financial accounts, thus fostering accountability, […]

Election Procedure for Housing Societies

Co-operative housing societies follow the model bye-laws, which are comprehensive and prescribe a number of rules and procedures for elections. In this article, we will simplify and decode the procedure for Election in Housing Societies, covering the important facets that truly matter. Election Due Date Within the first three months of registration of the society, […]

How to Form a Co-Operative Housing Society in Mumbai

Mumbai has over 100,000 co-operative housing societies, after factoring in those registered in the adjoining areas of Navi Mumbai, Thane and Kalyan. The number is only likely to grow as the city continues its expansion, and with good reason. The framework is a smart way for residents to collectively govern the activities, bills and infrastructure […]