How To Choose Your Good Security Agency

January 18, 2019

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Safety is an ever-rising concern in today’s day and age. Whenever a new organization comes up, whether it is an office, a gated community or an independent villa, security is the first thing on everyone’s mind. Selecting the right security agency is a decision that will significantly affect the safety of your organization and the list of benefits that come along with safety go on and on. Here are some of the factors to consider before hiring a security agency.

1. Make sure the agency is governed by the Private Security Agency Regulation Act.

The demand for private security agencies has gone up amongst the public. This has led to a rapid proliferation of private security agencies. The working of a private security agency is governed by the Private Security Agencies Regulation Act, /2005, also known as ‘PSARA.’ It is illegal for a private security agency to function without holding a license.

As per the license, every agency must have supervisors who have all the necessary skills and training to make sure their guards are doing their work as expected. The act lists out criteria that would qualify or disqualify a guard; it also states the expected health condition and dress code required for the guards. As per the prevailing norms, the agency is required to start working within six months of receiving the license.

Click here to know in detail about how an agency should obtain a PSARA license.

2. The Attrition rate of the guards:

The attrition rate of guards in the security industry is high. This happens due to factors like stress, inefficient wages, lack of job security and a lack of growth among many other reasons. While selecting a security agency, checking the attrition rate of the agency is an absolute must. As a thumb rule, the rate of attrition is directly proportional to the agency’s reliability.

3. Make sure the agency provides you with an SLA:

SLAs (Service level agreement) establishes what your security agency will and will not provide to its customers. Be it video surveillance or guard control devices for their guard patrol, it will all be mentioned in the agreement. It will also help you to manage the business processes for improved efficiency since it includes clearly defined procedures in case a problematic situation arises. Therefore, making sure that you are provided with an SLA is an absolute must.

Click here, to see a sample SLA by a security agency.

4. Quality of services:

Before an organization decides to hire a security agency, it must ensure the quality of the services delivered by the organization. The questions that must be asked are: How is the misconduct of a guard dealt with? How are they trained in handling unexpected and stressful situations? Does every security guard have a license? The replies to these questions will help the decision-making team to understand the quality of the service offered. Also, you could request for a trial to see if the security agency meets the requirements of your organization.

5. Make sure the agency is adhering to the rules of state government

Every security agency that an organization hires, should make sure that the firm is adhering to the fundamental rules of the state government. While most companies have varying hours of minimum work hours for their agency, a minimum of approximately 8 hours per shift.

As per the Karnataka, the minimum wages requirement for a security guard would be;

5. A typical contract with a security agency would be something like this;


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