MyGate Launches Child Safety & Security Feature for Gated Premises

November 21, 2017

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We are excited to announce a new safety feature for the safety of children in gated communities. The new feature provides

real-time information to the parents when their children step outside the main gate of their gated community. As working parents, the primary reason for anyone to rent or buy a house in a gated community is safety and security of their loved ones. Our app’s children safety feature will help parents be aware of and give approval for the movement of their children when they step out of the community, unaccompanied by parents. This would also apply when a child caretaker or a designated adult is taking a child out of the community.

In an everyday scenario, when a child wants to step out of the gated premises alone or accompanied by a support staff (like maid, driver), the security guard may or may not reach out to the parent on the community EPBX system to take approvals to let the child out. This process has proven to be disastrous as most communities do not have an EPBX systems deployed and the parents are generally unavailable to attend calls. Our latest feature instantly notifies parents on the MyGate app if their children are trying to get out of the gated premises. The children are let out by the guard only upon approval by the parents on the app.

Launched in late 2016, we have been working towards the safety and security of gated communities by automating and digitizing manual tasks at the various entries and exit points the premises. Our solution had been installed in over 60,000 flats/villas in Bengaluru within various popular gated communities such as Adarsh Palm Retreat Villas, Purva Riviera, Prestige St. Johns, Mantri Tranquil, Sobha properties, Salarpuria properties and many more. More than 2000 guards in Bengaluru are using our solution and are very familiar with it.

MyGate is built on strong technology foundations and ensures the safety and security of gated enclaves by deploying Behavioral Intelligence Augmented Authentication (BIAA). Some of the product features include e-intercom (automatic visitor authentication, staff attendance, and infrastructure-free vehicle management), resident identification, clubhouse access management, intelligent management reporting, alerts etc.

Gated communities can deploy MyGate security solution in less than a week without any investment in hardware or any capital expenditure. The security device is provided in a pay as you go pricing model. We also provide and manage the training of facility staff, security guards and building association members. The solution can be deployed in a multi-tiered system where there are multiple security checkpoints, viz. at the main gate and at the building/tower gate. MyGate also helps manage visitor car parking easily without compromising on the space reserved for other residents. The app is easy to use and is hassle free for residents including senior citizens and children. Some of the key functions are designed to be used in the absence of a mobile or a smartphone which makes it affordable and pervasive.

Vijay Arisetty, our CEO & Co-founder, shared his views on the launch — “There’s nothing more important than the safety and security of our children when they’re away from home. Even in the most advanced gated communities, most of the management system is still handled manually with either log books or intercom in place. We are bringing the power of mobile and deep tech into apartment security systems. We understand the complexities around gate management and the skill levels of guards and have designed the entire solution for an easy adoption by the security at the gate. Our goal is to solve end-to-end security problem issues with an intelligent app based solution at a negligible cost.”

Prakash Koti, parent and MyGate user at Rohan Jharoka, also shared his views on the importance of this feature- “Keeping your children safe can be a full-time job for any parent. While a home security system is the best choice to protect your family and children inside the house, it becomes a herculean task to keep an eye on children in the outdoor space. Having a software based solution at the gates is imperative to not just secure the apartment but also to protect your children. As a working parent, this feature helps me to be aware and remotely take decision about approving or disapproving the child’s movement outside of the community when they are alone. MyGate provides an outstanding experience to gated communities, allowing them to keep a track of relevant developments happening in their community with the help of an app.”

To know more about how MyGate can help you in building a safe society, do click here.

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