Top 4 Things To Think About Before Moving Into A Gated Community

January 18, 2019

myGate Author

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With the increased economic growth, there is a resultant rise in the availability of jobs and opportunities in cities. This has consequently resulted in a flood of people who are making a market for apartment complexes and gated communities. If you are new to the city and are looking for a new home in an apartment or a gated community, here are some important things you must keep in mind.

1. The location:

Before you decide to settle on a particular gated community to shift in, make sure you have given the location of the society a real thought. Make sure it is close to all essential shops and services that you would need on a regular basis. Also, it is important to find out the crime rate and the pollution levels of the neighbourhood before narrowing down on a particular community to stay in.

2. Budget:

Deciding to put a cap on the amount of money you would want to spend for a house is extremely crucial. While the locality does play an important part in deciding the rate of the house, it would make sense to pay a little more and buy a house that is near your work place, so that you could cut down on the travelling.

3. Facilities offered by the community:

An important factor to consider before you decide to move in should be the facilities offered by the gated community. Amenities like, a small hospital, an emergency grocery shop, a safe and a secure playground for the kids, ample parking space are factors that should play a major role in your decision making.

4. Security Features:

Everybody wants to live in a community where the safety and security of the residents is the number 1 priority for the management committee. While many gated communities boast of having the best security guards in town, only myGate understands the problems faced by the people and gets down to solving them. From digitizing the register entries to letting only authenticated people into the apartment in a fast and a seamless way, myGate does it all. If you find that the list of communities you are planning to live in are using myGate, be rest assured about the safety aspect for your family.

myGate is already deployed at over 100+ communities in India and this number only seems to be increasing. With customers like Adarsh, Shobha, Mantri and Salarpuria among the many others, myGate is latching its roots in the security space of the gated communities in the country rapidly. To know more about how myGate can help building your community into a safe society, do click on the link and we will be happy to be there for a free demo.


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