How can child security be made efficient with myGate?

A gated community is safe for kids, but what if they step out of its main gates without you? It is physically impossible to know about your kids’ whereabouts at all times. That is why we’ve introduced a feature that lets you – parents and guardians, stay notified every time your child exits the main gate. Approving or denying the exit of your child from the premises will help you maintain your peace of mind and keep your child out of harm’s way. A multi-layered approval tool using SMS, IVR calls and app notification is triggered to get your approval.

Why myGate wins over traditional way

Approve entry and exit of kids
All members of the flat get alerts
Multi-level alerts through SMS, IVR, App notification
Kids are not permitted to exit with unauthorised personnel

Traditional way

No alert mechanism at the gate
Residents are unaware about exit
No means for security to alert guardians

The myGate way

Compulsory approval for all kids exit
Residents are notified using multiple methods like SMS, IVR Calls and App notifications
Guards can deny exit to a child if unapproved

A simple three-step process to protecting your child

Guard will ask the house no. from the kid going out alone or being escorted by unknown persons.
Guard will trigger an alert via myGate to seek permission.
The kid is allowed/denied exit from main gate based on the response from the resident.
Caring for your loved ones, simplified

Stay in the know

We understand that kids need their freedom and guardians need their peace of mind. Our child security feature ensures that it is non intrusive yet foolproof. The whole process of approval and exit is less than 30 seconds long making sure that kids aren’t made to wait too long.

But that’s not all, our child security feature ensures that only parents are notified of the child’s exit ensuring that parents are aware if their child is leaving the Gated communities. Restricting entry with maids, tutors and other unknown personnel also ensures 100% security for the child. Ultimately, we want to assure parents peace of mind about the safety of their child.

Your child’s safety is our top priority.Know more about us