How does myGate assist in effective use of common assets?

There is always a constant stream of people who want to use the clubhouse & the other common amenities. While traditionally, we’ve used physical IDs or a pen and paper register, it goes without saying that it is old, obsolete and unreliable. The lack of proper validation mechanism also allows outsiders to enter and damage common assets. To address this challenge, the clubhouse management feature ensures only those authorized are allowed to access the clubhouse & use common amenities. There are real-time notifications, foolproof data collection and easily accessible information for the RWA to make any decisions on the purchase of new assets, disabling access or even auditing the effective usage.
Identify residents vs guests
Capture number of visitors
Record usage of amenities
Disable access as needed

Traditional way

Compulsory to carry physical ID cards
ID cards easily misused by visitors
No real-time data on usage of amenities
No way to deactivate access

The myGate way

Unique 6 digit passcode
No physical ids
Real-time data available at all times
Easy to disable access for certain persons or areas

A simple four-step process to clubhouse management

Residents provide their unique identification code upon arrival to the clubhouse
Clubhouse managers record resident’s entry into the clubhouse along with the amenities to be used
All guests, brought by residents get accounted for.
Upon exit from the clubhouse, all activity is recorded against the identification code

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