How can myGate help you find all the help you need?

Daily help like cooks, maids, nannies, drivers, car cleaners are constantly coming in and out of the property. We’ve envisioned a product feature that helps you stay updated about your daily visitors. Management teams can also monitor those who tend to common areas like the facility management staff, water tankers, STP cleaners, garbage collectors for better visibility and accountability of the staff.

We’re enabling you to gain awareness about your staff even when you’re away from home. You can also check up on a detailed history of their attendance, get reviews and get more verified data on the staff you intend to employ. No longer do you have to bank on word-of-mouth recommendations from neighbours and friends

Real-time notification
Reviews to enable better quality of service
Unique passcode for entry and exit
Attendance review for management teams and residents

Traditional way

Obsolete method using physical IDs
Manual or biometric attendance
Depend on neighbours for review and recommendation
Cumbersome method to disengage and disable access

The myGate way

Unique myGate ids that are dynamic to update
Photo-based attendance system
Authentic reviews to help you hire better
Easy to disengage with one click

A simple three-step process to manage daily help attendance

All staff are enrolled in the system and a unique passcode is generated for each individual
Staff enter the passcode every time they enter
Upon exit from the property, their time is recorded.
An Attendance management tool

Why do we need attendance management for daily helps?

No one likes to come back home to see a mess, or to realise the domestic help didn’t come. It becomes too stressful sometimes. Our attendance tracking and management system provides the residents an avenue to keep a check on everyone. With this feature, you can check on your daily help and do the needful.

This feature also lets the security guard know the authenticity of the daily visitor you have employed and avoids the daily hassle they have to face at the gate.

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