How does myGate facilitates delivery & cab management?

With the rapid rise of e-commerce in India, it is no surprise that an average household expects a couple of deliveries every few days. With family members booking cabs and food delivery every single day, the expected number of visitors each day has increased! These packages are either dropped off with neighbours or friends or often returned because you weren’t at home. We want to cut through the clutter and create a systematic workflow to ensure that your cabs and deliveries are managed in an organised fashion. You can raise a request to let in the cabs you’ve booked or simply tell the delivery executive to drop the package at the gate. We want to save residents the trouble of coordinating between the courier or the cab and the main gate security.
Pre-approval of delivery and cabs
Formal management of workflow
Option to approve or deny services from anywhere
History of services availed

Traditional way

Multiple phone calls between delivery personnel and residents
No audit for workflow
Non-verifiable details given at the main gate
Long wait time for service personnel and resident

The myGate Way

Simple collection and delivery mechanism
Fully auditable, real-time workflow
Entry is cross-checked with residents
Lower waiting time

A simple four-step process to manage deliveries

Security personnel are authorised to receive the package
Guards take possession of the package
The resident receives a passcode to claim the package
At a convenient time, resident enters passcode to take possession of package

A simple three-step process to manage cabs

Security guards raise request for cab pick up
Residents approve the request
Cab is allowed to proceed and enter the premises

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