How can myGate help you stay updated when there’s no internet?

Landline intercoms are the most common way security personnel communicate with residents. This traditional, also outdated method requires you to stay at home at all times to accept calls from the security team. We understand that you want to stay updated about your home while also being out and about. Our innovative and disruptive e-intercom replaces the traditional wired intercom with a pocket-friendly solution. A simple feature that allows the main gate to get in touch with you no matter where you are. The e-intercom feature is enabled on your mobile phone and uses the internet to keep you connected. What if there’s no internet, you ask? Well, we have you covered. An automated voice call is triggered so that you never miss a visitor validation!
Pocket-friendly solution
Not limited to physical boundaries of your home
Works even with poor connectivity

Traditional way

Continuous phone calls from the main gate
Physically limiting landlines
Infrastructure heavy setup
Manual and cumbersome

The myGate Way

A call is triggered only when the resident is unresponsive
Mobile enabled, accessible from anywhere
Zero additional infrastructure
Fully automated

A simple three-step guide to e-intercom

Resident notified on arrival of a guest
Upon failure to respond to a notification – IVR call is triggered
Resident answers and keys in the right option
Once response is recorded, guest is allowed/denied entry.
No internet, still connected

e-intercom works in sync with our other products like visitor management, delivery management

Visitor Management
Our visitor management feature allows you to stay updated on your visitors. Be it pre-approved or unannounced guests, myGate gives you a heads up.
Delivery Management
Have a cab waiting or expecting a delivery? We’ve designed the app to complete these tasks without you having to spend precious hours waiting for them! Get an update when they show up, or have the guards collect your package through the features in the app!

Guests can drop by anytime, we’ll help you stay updated. Know more about us.

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