How does nyGate help you keep track of your multiple properties?

With multiple investments, it is impossible for you to keep track of the various happenings around properties apart from the one that you’re residing in. Often, your last resort is to employ someone from the security team to give you an update. But that’s neither economical nor reliable. We’ve created a multi-property management feature that allows you to add multiple properties through the ‘My Flats’ section giving you unrestricted access to all the happenings, deliveries and visitors who’ve dropped by. However, on renting out your flat through the ‘Rent Out’ feature, you can allow your tenants to enjoy the full benefits of the app while limiting access to yourself.
Manage multiple properties
Notify if the property is rented out or empty
Manage multiple flats with toggle
Gain access to visitors, domestic help, delivery personnel visiting the property

Traditional way

A traditional way does not exist

The myGate way

Simple way to stay notified without physically visiting the property
Technology-forward solution

A simple three-step process for managing multiple properties

Add your properties on the ‘My flats’ section
The society admin then approves your request to join
Access all myGate features for all your properties through one single app

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