Our founders

Our Values

We are a driven group of people who care about our product. We strive for excellence and perfection. Each member of the team wants the users to look forward to using the product, we believe that we are here to create a meaningful product that makes the life of the user easy. We believe that the central focus of all our efforts has to be our customer.

Problem Solving

If there's a problem, find a solution. If a solution doesn't already exist, start looking for a new one. The point is to overcome hurdles and not stop at the sight of one issue.

Customer Centricity

We build products for customers. They have to love it. We don't serve for a commendation, but because we genuinely care.


You can do many things with mediocrity or do few things exceedingly well. We choose excellence.

Attention to detail

It's the small things that make the big difference. Paying close attention to details, to customers and their feedback gives us the confidence about the direction we're headed.

Care for privacy

A digital solution is driven by respect for privacy. There is no scope for lapses. A sense of paranoia should be what guides every new change you bring about.

A career with myGate

The myGate promise to you entails 5 elements that make it a meaningful work experience.
  • An exciting workplace
  • The Opportunity to be part of a growth story
  • An open culture where your opinion matters
  • Personal and professional growth
  • An understanding manager

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