I am able to track my maids and that is a superb blessing. I know when she is in and out of the apartment now

Vidhya Resident, Rohan Jharokha

This one sums up how I feel as a member of association who got myGate at SJR Park Vista. "according to our residents, it is one of the best things the association has done for them :)"


Vishal JainAssociation Member, SJR Parkvista

Before myGate, we were using manual methods to manage the process at the gate and reception which did lower the pure-security focus at entry points. With myGate in play, our community is now guarded with the right mix of technology and human intervention. The people living in our society are now more relaxed with the security aspect of their living. Additionally, the comfort of seamless attendance management and visitor entry (mainly for disparate and unknown visitors like e-commerce deliveries) has greatly benefitted and delighted residents


Vikram Rai Association Member, Brigade Millenium (Magnolia)

The ability to add and remove the daily helps that are coming into the community is one thing really got us

Suresh SundarajanAssociation Member, Mantri Espana

Our community did not have wired intercom as the builder had not provided it. It was a huge challenge as there was no proper way to authorise the hundred of cabs and delivery boys who used to come. We were contemplating investing few lakhs to install a wired intercom. myGate system came as a boon. Not only did they automate all manual tasks at the main gate, but their innovative e-intercom solution completely automated visitor authentication of visitors. Residents today can approve/deny a visitor (i.e. delivery boy) right from their phone. And you do not need to even have a smart phone!! We have mandated myGate based visitor authentication for all the residents.. if no myGate based authentication, then residents have to come and escort their visitor or come and collect their delivery from main gate.


Swarup PalAssociation Member, Ozone Evergreen

We used to maintain registers for all the activities that happened at the gate and were dependable on a patchy wired intercom for visitor authentication . When the myGate team presented to our committee, we liked how thought through the product was; it was bio-metric, car stickers, access cards all rolled into one simple and comprehensive solution. Another thing was the team's openness to work on our feedback and enhance the features without any additional expense. There have been few features that can work better and I know that their tech team is constantly try to improve. Overall an innovative, cost effective solution and I have recommended myGate to several communities.


Kunal BhuwaniaAssociation Member, Prestige St Johns Woods

We are thrilled with having informataion about who is coming in and out of our community at our fingertips

Camaron Vallepali Resident, Adarsh Vista

myGate app is very simple and easy to use, we don't use intercom at all. We now get all our notification on the mobile

RichaResident, Prestige Ozone

We started with myGate late July. I can see a major impact. Our gate was like a toll gate with a line of domestic helps and delivery boys all crowding the gate. Within a week of deploying myGate, I see a smooth flow of traffic.. all the daily working staff and domestic helps are entering via a passcode and have quick and authenticated entry. myGate's auto approval process is shortening wait time for delivery boys. Our Security are feeling happy and I think proud too.


Sivapriya SindhuAssociation Member, Sobha Iris

Ever since our community has started using myGate, its become easier hiring a house help whenever needed. I have hired a maid using myGate. Earlier, finding a reliable house help was a difficult task. Most importantly it helped me to not to hire wrong maids.


Anu Resident, Salarpuria Greenage

myGate provided a very optimal solution for the vendor attendance. myGate has also disrupted the traditional way of visitors logging in and out

SarveshAssociation Member, Rohan Jharokha