Celebrating The Unsung Heroes #HeroesAtMyGate

January 25, 2019

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We just turned 3. This could not have been possible without your love and support. But as often seen, in every success story there is a silent contributor, we at myGate have also been blessed to have such support amongst us. Wondering who we are talking about? It is our security guards. Ever present these guards are the invisible and unappreciated pillars to our success story.

We see these people every day, often more than once yet our behavior towards them seems cold and closed. They work tirelessly, many a time through odd hours to keep us, our families and homes safe. India currently has more than 80 lakh security guards. A great number of whom are migrants from remote rural areas with families back home, whom they hardly get to visit.

It has been a humbling journey for us in the last few years to feel so welcomed by every security guard we have had the opportunity to work with. They were willing and enthusiastic to learn about our product and many have even recommended us.

After having engaged with them over the years and learning about their struggles and feelings of being underappreciated, we decided we wanted to do something special for those who have not just helped us grow but have also made us feel safe, always.

So, this video is for them, thanking them for the wonderful job they do every day. We hope to inspire as many people as we could through this video to show a little humility the next time they meet their guard.

You can also nominate a guard who has gone beyond the call of duty to ensure your well-being. To nominate click here, and upload a picture with your guard and share your experience with us.

So let’s come together and give your hero a chance to win a handsome reward.

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