How can you manage your guests without making them wait?

We all love to have guests come over, but what we don’t like is making them wait at the main gate. The ‘invite guests’ feature on our visitor management software allows you to raise a simple request in advance to allow your guests in after they provide a 6 digit passcode that has been sent to them. For friends and family who show up unannounced, they can simply let the guard raise a request for your approval. You can further allow or deny the visit! We want your guests to feel welcome, which is why this seamless process takes only a few seconds ensuring your guests enter the premises quickly. Being an internet-based system, you can give archaic landlines a break! You can respond to a guest request from wherever you are. Isn’t that convenient?
Option to invite, approve and deny multiple guests
Approve guests from anywhere
Passcode based entry for pre-approved guests
Easy vehicle information capture retrieval

Traditional way

Entry and Exit is made note of in paper registers
No approval process
Manual entry is prone to error
Difficulty in the identification of guest vehicles

The myGate way

Automated and real-time entry and exit logs
Approve or deny visitors over app or e-intercom
Foolproof, seamless and real-time
Smart features to note guest vehicles

A simple three-step process to welcoming your guests

Informed Guests
Residents raise an invitation to the guest on the myGate app
Guest receives a passcode
Upon arrival, guests use the passcode to enter the society
From the gate to your doorstep
Uninformed Guests
Guests enter their personal information on the device provided to the security guard
Residents are promptly notified with the option to accept or deny
Residents act upon the notification

Why do we need visitor management?

You need to be in control of who walks in your hallways and rings the doorbell. You can also pre-approve your guests in advance and ensure that they don’t have to wait for a second longer than they have to.

Guests can drop by anytime, we’ll help you stay updated. Know more about us.