Superpower your reception

Express check-ins

Visitors at the front desk can authenticate themselves at the kiosk and print out an entry badge, entirely unassisted.

Smart reports

Access and download visitor analytics that will help you boost the efficiency of your front desk. From visitor logs to staff attendance, find them here.

Seamless integrations

On check-in, our system shares a card with important details regarding the premises such as emergency contacts and route maps.

Customisable interface

Customise the kiosk interface and design the entire process by configuring check-in flows based on visitor type.

Compliance logs

With digital logs and the ability to get legal documents/waivers signed at check-in, MyGate Business helps you meet regulatory needs.

Real-time audit

Get up-to-date information on visitors within your premises in real-time, in case of an emergency.

A great product with real business impact!

Backed by the most tested visitor management software in the world

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    Add a strong layer of security while ensuring your team & visitors always feel welcome

  • Know exactly who is in your lobby, the reason for their visit and even get them to acknowledge the rules of admission.

  • With the ability to easily schedule meetings, receive guests and even record attendance, your team will be more productive.

  • From mask compliance to acceptance of terms, get it all done on MyGate Business device.

  • Make MyGate Business truly a part of your organisation by customising flows and even adding your logo on all screens.

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Pick a plan for your workplace


For companies that want to safely welcome people to their workplace.

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What it includes

  • visitors
  • Host notifications
  • Guest sign-in device
  • Interactive workplace maps


For companies that need to securely welcome visitors across multiple locations.

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What it includes

  • Everything in Standard +
  • Customised branding
  • Visitor photos
  • Occupancy analytics
  • SSO and directory integrations


For workplaces with complex security, safety, and compliance needs.

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What it includes

  • Everything in Standard +
  • Block list and ID scanning
  • Guest Wi-Fi integrations
  • Access control integrations
  • Visitor screening integrations

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