Why myGate?

A gated community is a world in itself. Many activities, many visitors, and of course many households. There is a growing need to protect the community through a smart system like myGate. The app is a one of a kind security enhancement tool that allows residents, management committees and facility management teams to optimally deploy their resources.

myGate is a holistic security enhancement tool that ensures accountability and transparency.

1. myGate ensures that all stakeholders like residents, facility management teams, management committees, and visitors are treated to a seamless experience.

2. myGate helps get rid of different security systems by replacing bulky infrastructure with a simple smartphone. Goodbye RFIDs, Biometric attendance, physical id cards and hello! Simple futuristic technology!

3. myGate replaces conventional accept/deny apps with a sophisticated system that accounts for every entrant and gives real-time data to all the stakeholders.

4. The app doesn’t simply momentarily facilitate disciplined movement within the premises but offers a comprehensive database of those who use the premises to take proactive measures to ensure that users of the premises have a great living experience.

What customers love about us

What makes us a pioneering force?

Urban living has gone through a sea of change. We at myGate are changing how security in gated communities is viewed and adopted. We help streamline the hubbub at the main gates and empower the residents by giving them real-time updates on what is happening at the gates. Here is what makes us stand out:

Innovative from the core

At myGate, we are path breakers. We continue to introduce innovative technology solutions in the market that are simple and intuitive, yet trendsetting. We have revisited archaic technologies like intercoms and paper ledgers and given then a 21st-century facelift!

The customer is our only boss

We believe that no one can sell our product better than a happy customer and hence, we have ingrained a customer-centric culture across our team. Our team is geared to train guards, take users through the features if needed, and ensure you have a great experience with myGate.

Onboarding within just 5 days

We get a community live on the myGate platform within 5 days or less. That is our promise. We have mastered the process; from on-boarding the community staff (maid, cook, guards etc) to the training of guards, supervisors, administrators, residents; we do it all. You can count on us!

myGate for everyone, everywhere

While we are most commonly used at main gates, we are equipped with solutions for every other area of the gated community which needs a ‘permission slip’, ‘record’ or ’authentication’ like multiple towers, clubhouses, offices etc. If there is an area with a gate, there can be myGate.

Your data is just yours

Digital security is a grave concern of the 21st century. When it comes to myGate, we want users to feel safe, physically and digitally. Our multi-layered security system is made to keep your community safe and your data secure. We are committed to protecting your privacy and have a detailed privacy policy to ensure security of your data.

Oh-so economical!

We only ask users to install the app and enjoy all the benefits for free. The committees pay a nominal fee to subscribe for the services and these benefits are rolled out to its residents without a single hidden charge! We understand how to build smart technology that's also easy on the pocket.

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