Why Choose MyGate?

A gated community is a world in itself, with its own bills and amenities, thousands of visitors seeking permission for entry and support staff to fix anything that may be broken. All of this places a burden on residents, the managing committee and even the security personnel. The MyGate app enables all stakeholders to complete nearly every interaction within the walls of a gated community in a single click. Here are four reasons why, in just three years, over 600,000 gated community residents have opted to simplify their lives using MyGate:

Easy To Use

The MyGate app is for everyone in the community, from young to old. To ensure it’s easy for everyone, we’ve developed a UI that anyone can pick up instantly.

Top-notch Customer Support

Our team is geared to train your guards, take users through the features if needed, address concerns and ensure you have a great experience with MyGate at all times.

Low Cost Investment

The MyGate app offers a host of features for the whole community, but requires minimal hardware and has no maintenance costs, either. What could be better?

7-Day Installation

Our communities go live in a week. We'll train your guards, help onboard your residents on our app, and even setup profiles for all the daily staff that enter the community.

What customers love about us

Experience the MyGate difference!Set up a demo for the entire community

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